Aerospace audits

Internal audits on EN 9100, aviation legislation and MIL standards by QM experts from the industry. AeroImpulse is a recognized provider of 2nd party audits in the aviation industry in the EU and worldwide.

Why external aerospace audits?

Audits require resources and qualification

Aviation legislation and the EN 9100 aerospace standard require that internal and supplier audits are conducted on a regular basis. They are intended to analyze the performance of the company’s own QM system. This is a challenge for many companies. One reason for this may be a lack of resources. Another is lack of qualification due to very low audit frequency. That´s why several organisations trust on AeroImpulse with permanent audit support, others request only a one-time independent expert view for an objective position determination. For each of these occasions AeroImpulse is the suitable partner.

How does AeroImpulse help you with aerospace audits?

AeroImpulse supports operations with external auditors and offers 2nd party audits in case of bottlenecks or to solve operational issues. We have experienced QM experts on EN 9100, aviation legislation acc. EASA Part 21G, Part 21J and Part 145 as well as to MIL standards according to EMAR and AQAP. AeroImpulse is one of the leading providers of aviation audits in the EU.

Identify weaknesses, risks and potentials

Our experienced industry experts evaluate your organizational and technical performance from the perspective of aviation regulations. We always see audits as an analysis of weaknesses and potentials as well as a risk assessment beyond EN 9100, air law or MIL standards. At the end, you will receive clear audit documentation as your own to-do list and proof for third parties.

Supplier audits

With a supplier audit, we evaluate the performance of the QM system of your suppliers / subcontractors. We identify weak points and show deviations from the agreed procedure. In doing so, we uncover risks such as deficiencies ts in production and thus potential delivery delays or potential for non-conformities. We audit potential suppliers with a view to their general delivery capability and their ability to meet customer requirements. Subsequently, we support you in the qualification of the supplier / subcontractor.


When we perform aerospace audits, our goal is not only to determine compliance or deviations from the QM system requirements. We offer our customers further added value because we use internal audits to tranfer knowledge to our customers. In parallel to the audit, we always explain interrelationships, expectation, improvement potentials and we inform about benchmark.

Our approach

  • Fast, flexible, transparent and reliable
  • Qualified auditors with many years of audit and industry experience
  • Auditors with a sense of proportion and reality
  • For EN 9100 audits we only use OASIS certified aerospace auditors
  • Detailed and reliable reports and key figure preparation
  • Online or on-site

Our services

Auditing with a sense of proportion and reality – know-how transfer included


Internal audits for the
EN 9100, EN 9110 and EN9120

Whether steadily as annual support or emergency shortly before the upcoming certification audit


Audits for the EASA Part 21 or Part 145

To support your QMB, for know-how transfer or fulfillment of EASA requirements


Audits of suppliers / subcontractors

For supplier approval, as part of ongoing monitoring or in the event of anomalies


GAP analyses and
Status determinations

For an upgrade before the introduction of EN 9100 or an EASA approval or after special events

Independent and objective results from aviation QM experts

The benefit of aerospace audits stands and falls with the auditor qualification. Many companies are unable to reap the actual benefits of internal auditing. The company’s own auditors lack auditing experience due to a lack of frequency and have no opportunity to exchange information with colleagues. AeroImpulse has a pool of experienced auditors. Our EN 9100 auditors are authenticated without exception and thus act as certification auditors themselves. Our auditors for EASA rules have either worked for German LBA or work in corporate groups and thus deal with aviation legislation on a daily basis and in a practical manner.

Verification of compliance with regulations on the basis of recognized catalogs of criteria

Having a proper knowledge of aviation legislation and being able to work with it are two different things. AeroImpulse not only has experienced auditors, but also the tools and criteria catalogs to produce effective results and make them available in clean, traceable form in pdf and Excel formats. These are the prerequisites for being able to do something with the results of audits in everyday operations.

Accepted evidence with authorities and certification bodies

Our auditors are market known and recognized. They know the regulations they are auditing. Our audit reports provide an honest look at your organization without dramatizing. Certification and authority auditors also know and appreciate this. Therefore, our audit reports are recognized and considered helpful knowledge for operations.

Relieve your resources

Aerospace audits tie up resources. They must be prepared, carried out and documented. The more extensive the QM system or the more inexperienced the auditors, the greater the time required. Focus on your core competencies and we’ll focus on ours. AeroImpulse relieves your quality management and carries out audits efficiently – without overlooking the weak points in your organization. Whether one-time status determination or permanent audit support, we relieve your resources and provide you with a valuable, honest view from the outside with our experts – before certification and authority audits.

What distinguishes us

We have many years of expertise in the aviation industry

We do not compromise on the competence of our consultants

We offer our customers individual and custom-fit QM solutions

We always keep the wishes of our customers in mind during implementation
We are professionals in methodology, project management and team leadership
We take care of our customers in a targeted manner, while being speedy & flexible

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