Practice-oriented consulting

When it comes to consulting in the aviation industry, we are one of the most competent partners in the German-speaking world. AeroImpulse supports with a sense of proportion and realism in the areas of processes, quality, safety, APQP, lean as well as engineering, approval and much more.

Trainings by practitioners for practitioners

AeroImpulse offers practice-oriented knowledge transfer in the aviation supply chain. Our goal is to create value for your everyday operations with entertainment value – even when the training requirements come from authorities, standards and the customers.

Auditing to EN 9100, Air Law + MIL. Standards

Audits can be a very useful tool. With our experienced senior auditors we identify potentials in your company or at your suppliers. AeroImpulse is a leading provider for 2nd party audits in the aviation industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

E-Learning - Modern Learning

It’s time for digitalization! AeroImpulse offers a digital learning platform. Our motto: Simple. Self. Teach. With our video-animated e-learnings for the aviation industry or with your self-created online trainings for upload.


Setup – We optimize your processes


Speed Up – We train and improve you


Check up – Evaluate your organization


Step up – Digitalize corporate learning


What we can help you with

Consulting + Support

Speed up - Check up - Setup - Step up

Speed up - Check up - Setup - Step up

We are the ideal contact for your QM projects - AeroImpulse supports you in projects, certification preparation and follow-up or fire-fighting actions. No matter if you only comply with the standard or have a highly developed QM system. We bring you safely to your QM goals!


Individual, practice-oriented training

Individual, practice-oriented training

When it comes to standards, approvals and processes in aviation, we are one of the most competent contacts in the German-speaking world. AeroImpulse offers practice-oriented in-house training on EASA, standards, verification, approval and more. Our training courses help you master aviation quality management.


Know-how transfer inclusive

Know-how transfer inclusive

Audits for EN 9100 or air law are our specialty. We conduct internal audits and supplier audits with QM experts from the industry. AeroImpulse supports companies in the aviation industry with organizational monitoring in Germany, Austria and Switzerland or worldwide.

E-Learning +
Knowledge management

Computer Based Training

E-Learning & Knowledge management

Through our online platform, we offer companies a modern form of corporate knowledge transfer and personnel qualification. With video-animated e-learning clips, your employees learn through infotainment. Companies can also use our online platform for themselves and plan and manage qualification measures.

Component approval +
Engineering Support

Consulting - Support - Training

Consulting - Support - Training

For companies whose development focus is not aviation, the regulatory density of this industry represents a considerable hurdle. We support you in the rapid qualification and regulatory approval of components and equipment in the course of small development projects.

MIL Standards



As one of the few competent contacts in the German-speaking area, we support you within the framework of DEMAR and AQAP requirements as well as after LuFABw approval or after receipt of the BAAINBw confirmation as an auditor at your suppliers.

Video portrait

Get to know us in 2 minutes!

AeroImpulse is an established player in the aerospace quality, process and safety management market. Learn more about who we are, what drives us and what services we can support your business with in our Company Trailer.

About AeroImpulse

AeroImpulse is one of the top business consultancies in the field of aeronautical quality and process management. 10% of all German aerospace suppliers are or have been satisfied customers of AeroImpulse. Therefore we have first-class references.

Our offer

We advise companies and train their managers, QM representatives and employees on issues relating to operational quality management, EN certifications and EASA approvals. Based in Hamburg, we support small and medium-sized companies throughout Germany, as well as corporate groups that are peripherally or fully anchored in the aerospace industry.

Our goal

We develop packages of measures that are individually tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. In doing so, we do not proceed dogmatically – we act with a sense of proportion and realism. For us, this means above all that our customers do not just receive PowerPoint slides, but measurable results. Our goal: We want to make our customers’ processes more effective andefficient!

What distinguishes us

The AeroImpulse team has detailed knowledge of the aeronautical regulations and knows their pitfalls when implementing them in everyday operations. We have extensive consulting experience. With our excellent industry and methodological know-how, we work with our customers in partnership to develop quality management solutions that are suitable for everyday use.


Testimony to our expertise

Our competence is impressive, we also support the transfer of knowledge beyond our projects. With our publications we would like to share our know-how and experience within the aviation industry, but also aviation knowledge to other industries:

Der EASA Part 21/G (Herstellung) - Prof. Dr. Martin Hinsch
DIN EN 9100:2018 - Qualitätsmanagement in der Luftfahrtindustrie - Prof. Dr. Martin Hinsch
Book Industrial Aviation Management - Prof. Dr. Martin Hinsch
DIN EN 9100:2018 - Qualitätsmanagement in der Luftfahrtindustrie - Prof. Dr. Martin Hinsch

As guides for managers, specialists or students, for experts or beginners, our publications, depending on the subject area, not only provide an overview of specialist topics and modern aviation management; they also offer methodical food for thought and impetus for change, so as not to chase after constant change, but to lead it.

Reference book Human Factors in der Industrie - Prof. Dr. Martin Hinsch + Jens Olthoff
Book Industrial Aviation Management - Prof. Dr. Martin Hinsch
Industrial Aviation Management - Prof. Dr. Martin Hinsch
Guideline for EN 9100:2018 Prof. Dr. Martin Hinsch

More books

We also offer books for other industries, other standards and in English. Further publications by Prof. Dr. Martin Hinsch on this topic can be found on our publications page.

What our customers say

“Dr. Hinsch supported us in the course of our EN 9100 initial certification as an extremely competent and sympathetic consultant. Together with him, we defined and modeled processes and, based on this, created complete standard-compliant specification documentation. In addition, Dr. Hinsch has developed tools as part of our interdisciplinary team and has constantly sensitized our QM staff to the requirements of the aviation standard during the transfer of know-how. His approach is characterized by pragmatic, business-oriented QM solutions. Thanks to his excellent support, we were able to achieve certification readiness within 9 months. Dr. Hinsch will continue to support us in the future with internal auditing and the further development of our QM system.”

Heintje Wyczisk, Head of Quality Management, SIEMENS eAircraft

“Dr. Hinsch supported us as interim quality manager for several months. Mr. Hinsch is a conscientious and technically skilled QM professional. The cooperation was excellent. Since then, he has supported our group of companies in quality management issues.”

Frank Rohm, Quality Management Director, E.I.S. Aircraft Gruppe

“We started down the path of EN 9100 implementation together with Martin Hinsch. He took us by the hand very well and made the solutions understandable to us without much ado or provided them himself straight away. He found the right language to bring less experienced QM colleagues along. Where necessary, he sometimes put pressure on us to get tasks done on schedule. In the end, we got through the initial audit without any deviations. We would do it the same way again with Martin Hinsch.”

Harald Seeßle, Managing Director, S & G Zerspanungstechnik GmbH

“We have successfully completed the certification process. Thank you for the support. They helped us a lot!”

Jorge Herrera, Head of Service and Aftersales, M.Torres Deutschland GmbH

“Being confronted with formation of a new company and the build-up of a “green-fields” aviation composites factory was a daunting task for our project team to overcome. We sought and found the best possible specialist for establishing, implementing and auditing our quality management system. Dr Martin Hinsch led us successfully through the intricacies of the authorization process with uncompromising assuredness and professionalism. He has trained, motivated and enthused our staff to live and breathe quality day in, day out. We greatly appreciate his pragmatic, yet thorough approach and are thankful to him for his client centric service orientation and partnership. Dr Hinsch will surely continue to accompany our internal growth and expansion activities going forward.”

Geoffrey Clarke, CFO, Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH

“Dr. Hinsch successfully got us through our EN 9120 initial audit. In accordance with our requirements, his solutions were pragmatic and suitable for everyday use – as much as necessary, as little as possible. Mr. Hinsch’s performance convinced us and so he has been supporting us since then in the QM area in all plants of our group of companies, if required.”

Timo Schlüter, QM representative Huwald Liebschner Unternehmensgruppe

“Martin Hinsch as a consultant led us to the EN 9120 certificate without any complaints and under the offered costs. The implementation was practical and aligned with the needs of our company size. In addition he can convey the contents of the standard to us in an understandable way in the course of our meetings. Therefore, we will continue to call on him for quality issues in the future!”

Kristian Braatz, Managing Director GmbH

“We have regularly relied on Dr. Martin Hinsch and his network for QM monitoring of our two corporate aircraft here in Nigeria as well as other flight operations issues for a number of years. He is a very reliable and competent partner on whose support we can rely. no longer want to do without.”

Jörg Pitzen, Head of Plant and Equipment Department und Accountable Manager Flight Section, JULIUS BERGER NIGERIA PLC


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