Implementation support for EN 9100:2018

We are the ideal partner for your certification project – no matter if you only have to Meet minimum requirements of the standard or want to establish a sophisticated QM system. We bring you safely to your QM goals! We bring you safely to your QM goals!

EN 9100 introduction and consulting

When it comes to consulting, training or auditing for aviation standards, we are one of the most competent partners in the German-speaking world. AeroImpulse covers the entire spectrum of EN 9100 or EN 9120 support.

Auditing according to EN 9100:2018

Use our audits for vulnerability identification or as a “dry run” for your certification audit. To do this, bring a qualified QM view from outside into your company for a few days.

EN 9100:2018 trainings

Only in a few companies are the employees familiar with the requirements of the EN 9100 series of standards in detail. We therefore bring you closer to the world of aeronautical quality management in the language of everyday business.

Implementation guide

Set up – We support you during the initial certification process


Speed up – We optimize your processes


Check up – Check your organization


Step up – Digitalize corporate learning

Why AeroImpulse?

Complete solutions around aviation standards

Where we help

We support companies that have opted for certification according to the aerospace standards AS/EN 9100:2018 or EN 9120:2018 for distributors. In addition, we conduct second-party audits prior to re-certifications so you go into that audit with confidence. To this end, we have in-depth expertise in setting up standard-compliant and audit-proof quality management systems in the aerospace industry.

Our competences

When it comes to consulting, training or auditing for aviation standards, we are among the most competent contacts. In addition, we support you as an auditor in carrying out internal audits or external supplier audits. With authenticated EN 9100 auditors, we perform first and/or second party audits competently with objectivity as well as with a sense of proportion and realism.

What are your challenges?

What’s the problem?

The EN 9100 series of standards for the aerospace industry and defense have grown rapidly in importance since their publication. The trend will continue in the industry because the major aviation groups will continue to try to minimize the monitoring effort at their suppliers. This is done by requiring them to prove their quality capability themselves by means of AS 9100 / EN 9100 or AS 9120 / EN 9120 certification.

Build up knowledge of standards

If your company has chosen to be certified to the EN 9100 series, you will face some typical industry quality management challenges prior to implementation. These are, in key words: Build standards knowledge and develop standards understanding, systematically align the context of the organization, identify audit and auditor requirements, and train staff on the standard, certification, and audit.

Interpret the EN 9100:2018

The language of EN 9100:2018 and EN 9120:2018 is wooden, as with all industry standards, and not always easy for the layperson to understand. There is also the question of how to implement the requirements. What does the standard expect from us? AeroImpulse translates the requirements of the aviation standard into the language of everyday operations and helps you to find the right measure, e.g. in the areas of KPI-based process orientation, configuration management or risk-based thinking and risk management.

Our approach

Learn how we proceed with an EN 9100 certification


Determination of the status quo

As-is analysis of the QM system, determination of delta requirements, GAP analysis incl. Reporting, follow-up workshop, project planning


Systematic implementation

Establishing a process model and KPIs, upgrade QM documentation, tools and methods, motto: as little as possible, as much as necessary


Final sprint

Final certification preparation, system / conformity check, internal audit, management review.



Monitoring of the two certification audits, assistance with closing audit finding

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Do you know our trainings?

We offer you trainings which are individually adapted to the requirements of your company.

EN 9100 Trainings?

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Aviation auditor training?

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Human Factors Trainings?

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Tailored Consulting

No matter whether you are only aiming for a certificate or whether you want to establish a holistic quality management system. We support you in obtaining certification in accordance with the EN 9100 series of standards – regardless of whether your company is active in the aerospace or defense industry or is just starting out in this field.

We develop not only individual QM-tools, but also tailor-tailored consulting solutions. Depending on your requirements, we are your coach, your permanent implementation companion or your responsible implementer for the targeted QM system according to EN 9100:2018 or EN 9120:2018.

Benefit from comprehensive know-how transfer – our cooperation is always qualification and training in the area of EN 9100 standard knowledge, quality management and methodological competence.

Optimal preparation

We know the industry, we know the EN 9100 standards and we know the requirements of aviation auditors.

Our customers benefit from our industry and standards expertise in a unique way: through years of project and certification experience, in-depth methodological knowledge, IAQG know-how and practical knowledge gained from certification audits. Therefore, we prepare you audit-proof for the EN certification with consulting and training. Practice-oriented with a sense of proportion and realism.

We have comprehensive knowledge along the entire process of certification according to  EN 9100 and EN 9120. Incidentally, this also applies to the American AS 9100 and the Japanese JISQ 9100.

Safely through the audit

Since we ourselves work as authenticated EN auditors (e.g. for TÜV Süd, BSI or SGS), we have in-depth audit knowledge and can thus largely anticipate the auditors’ thinking and actions. This is how we save you from the audit risks and stumbling blocks. Whenever necessary, we intervene in the certification audit and translate the auditor’s language into the language of your everyday operations.

By the way, we have a wide network of experts and will be happy to arrange an authenticated EN auditor for your certification audit. We make sure that the certifier does not assign you a “bean counter” but a “relaxed” pragmatist from your area. This reduces the excitement of your employees and colleagues in the audit. If the auditor comes from your region, you also save on travel costs.

Risk-free advice

We offer you the highest possible security for your invested consultant fee. If you are not satisfied with the performance, you can terminate our cooperation at any time at no additional cost.

If you would like to get to know our consultants and our approach first before working with us in more depth, start with an internal audit according to EN 9100:2018, which you can use as a GAP analysis at the same time.

We also work based on success – bonus-Malus systems are no problem for us. Too many complaints in the certification audit? This reduces your consulting costs. Contact us!

You want to ask one of our previous customers about our services? We are happy to arrange a telephone contact with a QM representative or a manager.

Capacities for their core task

The average QM representative is usually sufficiently busy in day-to-day business even without DIN EN 9100 / AS 9100 introduction. Focus your capacities on your business, we take care of your certification and the optimization of your quality management system.

Together with the support of AeroImpulse, you focus only on the essential aspects of standards implementation. Also, you can provide 2 – 3 students with whom we build the quality management system according to EN 9100:2018. Minimize your effort for informing and interpreting the standard. Avoid unnecessary measures in your quality management system.

What distinguishes us

We have many years of expertise in the aviation industry

We do not compromise on the competence of our consultants

We offer our customers individual and custom-fit QM solutions

We always keep the wishes of our customers in mind during implementation
We are professionals in methodology, project management and team leadership
We take care of our customers in a targeted manner, while being speedy & flexible

Our services

We offer support for all questions concerning the aviation standards of the EN 9100 series!

Implementation support before certification according to EN 9100:2018

Support in obtaining EN certification

We support you in obtaining an EN certification according to EN 9100 and EN 9120. It is important to us that you can identify with the results of our support and do not get the impression of 0815 standard solutions. Therefore, our EN certification projects are carried out in partnership and ongoing exchange with the responsible persons of our customers. Our services in the course of implementing audit-proof, yet lean quality management systems according to EN 9100 or EN 9120 are (excerpt):

Overview of services

  • Creation or extension of a standard-compliant quality management manual (QMM)
  • Creation or extension of process instructions or process descriptions including the visualization of interactions
  • Establishment of an audit-proof system for supplier selection and supplier evaluation
  • Support in the establishment of industry-typical risk management systems or configuration management
  • Assist with operational monitoring through internal audits and prepare and participate in management review.
  • Preparation and training of employees in the area of quality management systems, IN EN 9100 or 9120 certification
  • Accompaniment of EN audits (previously tips and tricks for a successful audit)
Change from other standards (e.g. ISO 9001) to EN 9100

Certification change

Every year, numerous companies with a ISO 9001:2015 strive to change their certification to EN 9100:2018 for aerospace and defense due to customer requirements or portfolio expansions. Such facilities must comply with the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) specifications or the delta requirements of EN 9100. Systematic target tracking via so-called PEARs, operational risk management, extended requirements for supplier monitoring, product safety and handling of parts of dubious origin are just some of the topics that must be taken into account in the course of an upgrade in ISO-certified quality management systems.

Companies that hold not only an ISO 9001, but also an IATF 16949 or an EN 13485, find such an extension comparatively easy. “Pure” ISO 9001 companies, however, must adapt their quality management system much more comprehensively, even though EN 9100 contains ISO 9001 in its entirety.

We support you in upgrading from ISO 9001:2015 or other standards to the aviation standard EN 9100:2018.

Overview of services

  • Free initial telephone consultation and clarification of expectations
  • The adaptation of your QM documentation and the expansion of your processes
  • Provide field-tested tools or forms (e.g., for goal tracking, enhanced risk management).
  • Implementation of the internal audit as well as preparation and participation in the management review
  • Preparation and briefing of staff in 9100 quality management systems and certification.
  • Accompaniment of the certification audit according to EN 9100 (beforehand tips and tricks for a successful audit)
  • Support in the processing of audit findings and their feedback in the IAQG OASIS database.
Auditing according to EN 9100:2018


Audit is one of the fastest and most effective tools for identifying weaknesses in the QM system. However, the benefit stands and falls with the auditor qualification. Therefore, our audits are exclusively performed by experienced and IAQG authenticated EN 9100 auditors. Get an outside view into your organization for a few days. Use our audits not only to identify weaknesses, but also as a “dry-run” for the certification audit. Of course, we also conduct supplier audits and check or monitor the quality capability of your suppliers according to the highest standards.

Overview of services

  • Free initial telephone consultation and clarification of expectations
  • Coordinate audit scope, audit acuity, or other audit requirements.
  • Preparation of the audit plan taking into account any time restrictions of the daily business routine
  • Audit execution according to the requirements of EN 9100 including debriefing at the end and after each interview
  • Preparation of the audit report, which can also be used in your certification audit as recognized evidence of the performance of the mandatory internal audit
EN 9100:2018 trainings

Practical training

AeroImpulse offers hands-on training for QM professionals or beginners. Our courses are conducted by trainers who have in-depth practical knowledge of the EN 9100 series.

We design the courses according to the needs of your company in terms of type and scope and depending on the target group. The most common trainings are one- or two-day EN 9100 implementation and transition trainings. All standards requirements are addressed in the training sessions.

Training focus

  • Fundamentals of aeronautical quality management
  • Design of support processes and working environment
  • Introduction to documentation and verification requirements
  • Requirements and structure of the performance processes in development, production and service provision
  • Introduction to supplier monitoring and control.
  • Quality objectives and process measurement
  • Implementation examples from practice through constant case studies and practical solutions

Some of our previous projects

Introduction of a QM system according to EN 9100

Finisher of fiber composite panels, 90 employees, introduction of standard-compliant specification documentation and QM tools, support of certification audit, coaching QMB

Accompaniment of external audits

Dealer in the field of aircraft components, preparation of QM documentation, development of a supplier monitoring system and a simple process measurement system, audit implementation, support for certification audit

Ongoing support of QM officers

Distributor in the field of self-adhesive products, abrasives and consumables, 3 – 6 days per year, monitoring of external audits, implementation of internal audits, support as required

Introduction of a QM system according to EN 9120

Dealer for aircraft equipment and spare parts, 3 employees; set-up of QM documentation, implementation of the most important QM tools, support in setting up a simple key figure system

Upgrade of the QM system from ISO 9001 to EN 9100

Finishing and machining technology, 80 employees, support in adapting the specification documentation as well as the tools and aids, support and coaching of the QMB

Introduction of a QM system according to EN 9100

Structural engineering, Hungary, 160 employees, development of EN 9100 structures, support in the preparation of QM documentation as well as instruments and tools, support and coaching of the QMB

Establishment of a QM system according to EN 9100

Engineering service provider, Airbus subsidiary, 40 employees; further development of existing specification documentation, necessary instruments and process measurement, employee training, audit support

Upgrade of the QM system from ISO 9001 to EN 9100

Manufacturer and developer of embedded systems, 65 employees; further development of existing quality management documentation, QM tools and process measurement, employee training

Ongoing QM support in the EN 9100 environment

Special steel distributor, 45 employees, 3 – 8 days per year – support of QMB, support of external and internal audits, preparation and support of management review and training of employees

What our customers say

“Dr. Hinsch supported us in the course of our EN 9100 initial certification as an extremely competent and sympathetic consultant. Together with him, we defined and modeled processes and, based on this, created complete standard-compliant specification documentation. In addition, Dr. Hinsch has developed tools as part of our interdisciplinary team and has constantly sensitized our QM staff to the requirements of the aviation standard during the transfer of know-how. His approach is characterized by pragmatic, business-oriented QM solutions. Thanks to his excellent support, we were able to achieve certification readiness within 9 months. Dr. Hinsch will continue to support us in the future with internal auditing and the further development of our QM system.”

Heintje Wyczisk, Head of Quality Management, SIEMENS eAircraft

“Dr. Hinsch supported us as interim quality manager for several months. Mr. Hinsch is a conscientious and technically skilled QM professional. The cooperation was excellent. Since then, he has supported our group of companies in quality management issues.”

Frank Rohm, Quality Management Director, E.I.S. Aircraft Gruppe

“We started down the path of EN 9100 implementation together with Martin Hinsch. He took us by the hand very well and made the solutions understandable to us without much ado or provided them himself straight away. He found the right language to bring less experienced QM colleagues along. Where necessary, he sometimes put pressure on us to get tasks done on schedule. In the end, we got through the initial audit without any deviations. We would do it the same way again with Martin Hinsch.”

Harald Seeßle, Managing Director, S & G Zerspanungstechnik GmbH

“We have successfully completed the certification process. Thank you for the support. They helped us a lot!”

Jorge Herrera, Head of Service and Aftersales, M.Torres Deutschland GmbH

“Being confronted with formation of a new company and the build-up of a “green-fields” aviation composites factory was a daunting task for our project team to overcome. We sought and found the best possible specialist for establishing, implementing and auditing our quality management system. Dr Martin Hinsch led us successfully through the intricacies of the authorization process with uncompromising assuredness and professionalism. He has trained, motivated and enthused our staff to live and breathe quality day in, day out. We greatly appreciate his pragmatic, yet thorough approach and are thankful to him for his client centric service orientation and partnership. Dr Hinsch will surely continue to accompany our internal growth and expansion activities going forward.”

Geoffrey Clarke, CFO, Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH

“Dr. Hinsch successfully got us through our EN 9120 initial audit. In accordance with our requirements, his solutions were pragmatic and suitable for everyday use – as much as necessary, as little as possible. Mr. Hinsch’s performance convinced us and so he has been supporting us since then in the QM area in all plants of our group of companies, if required.”

Timo Schlüter, QM representative Huwald Liebschner Unternehmensgruppe

“Martin Hinsch as a consultant led us to the EN 9120 certificate without any complaints and under the offered costs. The implementation was practical and aligned with the needs of our company size. In addition he can convey the contents of the standard to us in an understandable way in the course of our meetings. Therefore, we will continue to call on him for quality issues in the future!”

Kristian Braatz, Managing Director GmbH

“We have regularly relied on Dr. Martin Hinsch and his network for QM monitoring of our two corporate aircraft here in Nigeria as well as other flight operations issues for a number of years. He is a very reliable and competent partner on whose support we can rely. no longer want to do without.”

Jörg Pitzen, Head of Plant and Equipment Department und Accountable Manager Flight Section, JULIUS BERGER NIGERIA PLC

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